Nora Bergler

Politics. Communication. USA. That has been my world for the last 15 years.

My journalistic experience is international and spans all media formats. I have worked in TV, radio, print and online (including ARD, Deutsche Welle, Deutsches Ärzteblatt, dpa, I am primarily a “conventional writer” – both for online media and for print newspapers and magazines.

I have a passion for communication and language, and my consulting work grew from this. It is based in no small part on my experience as a reporter covering two US presidential election campaigns; even today, Barack Obama’s campaign is regarded as a perfect example of successful communication in the digital age.

Political Scientist and News Editor

A degree in politics, history and international law from the University of Bonn provides the foundation for my work. After completing my studies, I then pursued a conventional path into journalism with a 2-year internship at Schwäbische Zeitung. I became freelance in 2009 – driven by passion.

Germany and the USA

I live and work on the east coast of the United States and in the German capital of Berlin, supported by my husband and my young daughter. I write under my maiden name: Nora Schmitt-Sausen.

More about me:


A Freelance Journalist with a Transatlantic Perspective

Since covering the 2008 US presidential election and the outbreak of the financial crisis on the ground in Washington DC for dpa and ARD, the USA has been my second home.

In 2012, I covered the Obama/Romney election campaign as a freelance correspondent for and reported from events such as the national conventions in Tampa, Florida (Republicans) and Charlotte, North Carolina (Democrats).

As a senior editor, I now write articles for print and online publications, including as a US expert for Deutsches Ärzteblatt and Österreichische Ärztezeitung. Specialism: Health and social policy in the USA. ➝ Examples of my writing

Communications Consultant and Senior Politics Writer

I am skilled at communicating sociopolitical content, and it is this expertise that I bring to the table in my work as a communications consultant for agencies, political institutions, nonprofit organizations and publishers.

I primarily provide advice on matters relating to strategic communication, political communication and content creation. As a senior writer, I write articles on elections and political parties.➝ Job examples